What is a PEC-Address?

PEC means Posta Email Certificata, it’s a certificated e-mail service. A certificated e-mail is comparable to a registered letter with reply, where both sender and recipient use the certificated e-mail service. The outbound e-mail is encrypted and is secure from abuse by third parties. It can be read on both computers and mobile devices.
Since 2009 every company in Italy is obbliged to possess a PEC-address. Registration to the national commercial register is no longer possible otherwise.

How does PEC work?

Send an e-mail from a PEC address, you get a notification of delivery. This notification does not mean however that the e-mail has been opened and read by the recipient.

Who can use PEC?

Companies who send their employees confidental documents like pay slips.
Agencies who share confidential information with other agencies and citizens.
Private users, teams and organizations, who want to send and receive personal and business messages in a secure way.

Can you sign up from abroad?

Yes you can. All you need is the TIN-number (your personal tax ID) and the UID (company ID). By submitting both of these we complete the necessary form of registration (in italian) for you.


The payment is annually, the service will be renewed automatically.



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